Train Embedding

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Why train embedding?

Learn word embedding1

Learn word embedding

Learn word embedding

Other context/target pairs

I want a glass of orange juice to go alone with my cereal.


Word2Vec2: Skip-grams

Come up with a few context to target pairs to create our supervised learning problem

Rule: randomly pick a word as context word; randomly pick another word within some window (\(\pm 3\)) as target word

I want a glass of orange juice to go along with my cereal.

Context Target
orange juice
orange glass
orange go

Word2Vec: Model

Context \(\longrightarrow\) Target
c (“orange”) \(\longrightarrow\) t (“juice”)

\[O_c \rightarrow E \rightarrow e_c \rightarrow softmax \rightarrow \hat{y}\]

\[Softmax: p(t|c)= \frac{e^{\theta_t^Te_c}}{\Sigma_{j=1}^{10,000}e^{\theta_j^Te_c}}\]

\[L(\hat{y}, y)=-\Sigma_{i=1}^{10,000} y_i log\hat{y}_i\]

Problems with softmax classification

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  2. Mikolov et. al., 2013. Efficient estimation of word representations in vector space